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11:59 (Db)
Writers: Jeff Treece, Steve Jones, Dana Sigmon, Glen Ashworth
Time is winding down just look around us
Evil’s breaking loose on every side
The devil knows his time is almost over
But soon the clock will stop and Jesus Christ will split the sky
So shout it from the rooftops
Proclaim it in the streets
Tell your friends and neighbors
Tell everyone you meet
We all need a Savior but we’re running out of time
He’s coming back at midnight
And it’s 11:59
God’s prepared a place for all His children
Free from fear and doubt, tears and pain
But we must choose our destination
There’s just one way to heaven and Jesus is His name
At the right hand of the Father
He’ll soon stand to His feet
And hear Son go get my children
And bring them home to me
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